Thing #14: Sold on Quizlet and WallWisher

I  love this course! I have just signed up for Quizlet and WallWisher – two tools I know I will use. In fact, I made a wall in Wall Wisher to gather my student responses to Whirligig by Paul Fleischman,  one of our two required summer reading novels. I will do the same for The Hound of the Baskervilles. Who doesn’t love post-it sticky notes?  My students will be all over this and pulling the wall up on our classroom smart board will create even more discussion. I became so enthralled with both sites and insisted my husband come and see what I was learning that I failed to pay attention to all of Shelley’s prompts, but I can tell you that Quizlet is incredibly adaptable to student learning and interaction – and puts the student in charge of his own study and review – in terms of design and rehearsal approaches. This is great for that passive student who feels that he or she doesn’t know the “how” of study.  I also see that as a teacher I need not reinvent the wheel as there are a number of “quizzes” ready for review – the selections just for poetry terms was quite impressive.

Wall Wisher is simple but powerful – a way for students to post responses to reading, writing, viewing, almost anything!   I am still mulling over the myriad possibilities of this tool and feel that I could create wall after wall after wall!

I am thrilled will all I am learning and feel that a whole new world has unfolded for me. I have taken the Web 2.0 plunge! My only question – how will I keep up with all of this? I need more time!  Best to all my k12learning2.0 colleagues, Susanne G.

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