Thing #8: Stretch Exercise: Wikipedia visit

I have probably read Jane Eyre ten times – I know, that is strange, but it is the one novel that I think every female should read. I can, even today, just pick it up by my bedside and read just a page. Everyone at one time or another has that “full immersion” experience with a novel or story – somehow one’s engrossed reading carries him or her right into the story! Anywho, I happen to like Wikipedia and read up on what is there regarding Charlotte Bronte. And while I found it all interesting – and was aware of much of it from earlier research, I had never explored the history or discussion tabs, and found all that very interesting – but even, more so that there are other nuts like me who also adore this novel. There were just some minor corrections in the discussion – such as the fact that sister Maria was older than another sister, but that these two sisters died of tuberculosis in the same month and year – ages 10 and 11 or thereabouts. I did not spend too much time on the history, but there was a ton of it.

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