Thing #4: Response to Questions about Blogs

With regards to the genre of blog writing, I notice that it is informal and informative – but it can also be persuasive and expository and narrative. For example, Mr. Meyer’s “Why I Don’t Assign Homework” is a blog I found to be quite persuasive, and I found Vicki Davis’s “Spies Like Us” to be quite informative – and a little scary! I left Vicki’s blog thinking that I might need to round up cell phones at the beginning of every class!  In further consideration of the writing associated with blogs, I notice that minor things like spelling are not suspect, especially when the reader considers the writer, as in Laura Stockman’s “Twenty Five Days to Make a Difference”.  Blog reading differs somewhat from other types of reading in that the reader is prepared for what he or she is about to read – and reads to learn of another’s opinion, feelings, reactions, and responses to something. Blog writing is different from other writing in that it is not as structured as  technical or text book writing and certainly not plot driven as in a novel. It is informative at its foundation – but can also describe, persuade, and explain. Commenting contributes to the meaning making of any given blog because it provides a platform for response that may affirm or refute or even ask the writer to consider other perspectives.

I am convinced that blogging can facilitate learning because it allows for authentic responses and interaction. Blogging asks students to read carefully and student responses might possibly be more well-developed and thought out as “somewhere out there”  are several peers “reading in” and responding.

2 thoughts on “Thing #4: Response to Questions about Blogs

  1. Hi Suzanne,
    Nice to see you here working on this challenge. I love it too and I agree with you about the power and challenge of the commenting aspect of blogging. There is such a wealth and diversity of blogs to choose from. I like some of the same ones you have been reading.

  2. Susanne,
    Your observations on reading, writing and evaluating blogs resonate with this fellow English teacher.We read many of the same postings and took away similar conclusions…you must be exceptionally brilliant! ;-D

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