Post #2: From Thing 2: Thoughts About Web 2.0

I am thrilled about Web 2.0 platforms and their myriad possibilities for my teaching and for my students. I actually think that Web 2.0 will transform our classrooms as more and more of us become comfortable with using these platforms  to  interact with colleagues and students – everyone. I especially like the term the “read/write web” as opposed to web 2.0 and the expansiveness that comes with “contributing, creating, and collaborating, rather than just consuming” – as herein lies a great potential to connect people in the first three C’s rather than isolate and minimize them in the last C: “consume” –

I do think that Web 2.o has already changed some of my teaching practice as I take advantage of message posts, podcasts, wikis, and blogs, to expand learning, communication, and synthesis among and with students.

And while my students can be classified as “digital natives” many are not as savvy with 2.0 technologies as adults assume.  From time to time, I ask my students to use to post essays and research papers,  and some cannot get past the directions to actually “turn -it-in” . Still, I look forward to using podcasts in my classroom and students using voice stream to review a good book or respond to a poem or piece of literature.

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